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Explore AllFamousArtists.com, your source for exclusive biographies of famous artists of all time! Discover the art and painting styles of famous artists and qualities that make them the so special. Reading the biography of a famous artist might be looked upon as a way to gain inspiration and motivation to leran and achieve success if one aspires to contribute creatively in any discipline of art.

What creates a great artist like Vincent van Gogh, Salvador Dali, Pablo Picasso, Leonardo da Vinci or Michelangelo? Are artists born or made? You'll find answers to these and many other such questions while reading biographies of famous artists in this website. We have made an effort to feature some of the most famous artists who have shaped the history of art. The primary focus is on famous artists, painters and photographers. Find concise biography and artwork images for each featured artist. We are sure that biograhies of famous artists published here will certainly inspire young and budding artists.

We strive to develop AllFamousArtists.com as a valuable reference for artists, students and collectors interested in the biography and paintings of famous Artists. Looking at famous paintings of past and present famous artists can teach us many things, including composition and handling of paint. Similarly, reading biographies of famous artists will not only make us knowledgeble, but can be great source of inspiration. We have researched and then tried to list some of the most famous artists. Would you like to learn more about some famous artists? or If you think that we have missed some famous painter or photographer, then please tell us!

Below is the list of famous artists. Click on the name of your favorite artist to read his/her biography:

We believe that every new born is a great artist. But dying as a great artist is a matter of choice, which every individual make during their lifetime.

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