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Kerne Erickson, a graduate of the prestigious Los Angeles Art Center College of Design, Erickson spent years as a freelance graphic artist compiling an arsenal from the innumerable and varying demands exerted by his considerable clientele, the culmination of this freelance experience is a style that bares rich evidence of the hand, brush and paint, but without distracting from the total impact of a completed image. For the last three years Erickson has applied his talents to the gradual expansion of the vivid Travel and Aloha images offered by Greg Young Publishing. Although close to twenty of Erickson’s pieces in the line now focus on travel to the Hawaiian Islands, there is an almost equal share of the line that depicts among the most recognizable landmarks from all over the United States and the world, the New York skyline and the Eiffel Tower being just two examples of these. A meticulous researcher, Erickson tracks the slightest details—from license plates to period clothing—to render them historically accurate for a finished work which appeals to both the aviation-travel historian and any admirer of fine art.

Erickson is a member of the National Oil and Acrylic Painters Society recipient of the Most Innovative Painting Award at the National Oil and Acrylic Painters Exhibit in Osage Beach, MO. Other recent awards among his numerous honors include the Patron Purchase Award at the 1997 Watercolor USA Juried Show in Springfield, MO., as well as the Gold Award at the 1994 California Discovery Awards Juried Competitio.

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